3 Cozy Party Ideas for the Ultimate Night In

group of friends at home
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It’s a cold winter’s night and you’re facing the dilemma of wanting to catch up with friends but dreading leaving your warm Lincoln home. Your sweatpants are as cozy as ever and the fridge is stocked with delicious food, but the thought of missing out on evening plans is already giving you FOMO. In scenarios like these, the ultimate solution is throwing a cozy get-together with your closest pals.

Skip the makeup, leave the car in park, and invite a group over to enjoy a night in at your place. Here are a few ideas that will level up the cozy feels.

Cereal Party

bowls of cereal

Tap into your nostalgia and invite friends to bring their favorite cereal to your apartment. Not only will the night offer sugary goodness but it will also be fun to discover each other’s childhood favorites! To elevate the evening, put out your fanciest bowls, offer a variety of milk (chocolate and strawberry included), and hand out big spoons. Your inner child will thank you.

Movie Night

friends watching a movie

The ultimate cozy night is often spent snacking in front of the television. Rather than mindlessly binging solo, why not make an event out of the standard Netflix and chill night? First, make sure your living area has plenty of couch space. If the guest list is extensive, put blankets, pillows, and a blow-up mattress on the ground. Mood lighting is key here so make sure you have plenty of candles on deck. Last and most definitely not least, it’s important to offer a menu of comfort food cravings. Think chips and dip, pizza, fries, mac and cheese, and anything else that a dietician would frown upon. For a little sophistication, offer a signature cocktail in batch form and see how well fancy drinks and takeout go together.

Game Night

a group of friends having a game night

If you’re craving some friendly competition, game night will satisfy your drive. Invite your closest pals over and ask them to bring their favorite games. While many prefer board games, options like trivia or charades also offer plenty of entertainment. To up the stakes, winners get to choose the next game and loser does the dishes.

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