3 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks for Apartments

eco-friendly cleaning
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Spring is around the corner, which means the annual tradition of decluttering, organizing, and simplifying our surroundings is underway. At Lincoln, we’ve recently kicked off our #LPCSpringClean campaign, where we ask you to share the special moments that incite joy when tidying up.

This season, we’re thinking green when it comes to cleaning our apartments. If you’re interested in cleansing your space and our beautiful earth, here are some tips to consider.

Stock Up on Sustainable Products

Cleaning products may leave your counters sparkling, but many have an adverse effect on the ecosystem. A casual spritz into your sink, toilet, and dishwasher will eventually leak into our rivers and lakes, carrying harmful chemicals. If you’re looking to stock up on sustainable finds, you can either purchase goods that have been verified as green or DIY it up. Simple combinations of vinegar and water or lemon and water can cut through grease better than any name brand.

Use Less Energy

When you have the time, cutting back on using your electric appliances is a great way to help the environment. The next time you notice a pile of crumbs on your kitchen floor, reach for the dustpan and brush over the vacuum. Every third laundry day, challenge yourself to hang dry your clothing instead of using the dryer.

Be Mindful of Waste

Decreasing your output is a great way to help the environment. When it comes to cleaning, there are a variety of substitutions for products that produce waste. First, swap out plastic garbage bags for compostable ones. Next, fall out of love with your Swiffer and opt for a Cuban Mop instead. This Latin American import tackles dust with reusable cloths over disposable ones. Finally, collect a family of rags in a kitchen drawer, so you can reach for these instead of paper towels.

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