3 Fun Bathroom Upgrades

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms in an apartment—aesthetically speaking. But it doesn’t have to be. Turn your lavatory into a spa-like oasis with these fun upgrades.

Add Some Greenery

plant in a bathroom

Nothing freshens up a room quite like a collection of plants. Typically, plants are reserved for living rooms and kitchen windows, but they can also thrive in bathrooms when there is ample natural light. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, get in your green by hanging dry eucalyptus from your shower head.

Update Your Shower Curtain

shower curtain

A shower curtain can command the aesthetics of a bathroom. For some, it can be the quirkiest and funnest element of a home. This graphic curtain from Target will enliven any space. For a vibrant pop, hang this vibrant vinyl curtain from Quiet Town. You can also create your very own custom shower curtain and blow up your favorite photograph, artwork, or inspirational quote.

Get a Statement Rug

If you’re keeping your shower curtain simple, add color to a statement rug. Or, go full out maximalist and pair a funky rug with an eclectic shower curtain. Zazzle is home to a variety of really fun bath mats that appeal to a variety of tastes and personalities. If you prefer to keep things simple, a bamboo bath mat will add a Zen feel to your space.

Now that we’ve tackled the bathroom, the next room to conquer is the entryway! Click here to find tips and tricks on keeping this area neat and organized.

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