3 Recipes for a Delicious Spring Brunch

spring brunch
Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of the best aspects of a new season is the fresh flavors it brings to mind. Spring is no exception with its vibrant herbs, produce, and light and refreshing dishes. If you’re looking to celebrate the season with your taste buds, invite some friends over and serve up flavorful brunch recipes. Here are a few we’re particularly excited to try.


lemon crepe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this rhubarb dutch baby recipe from foodess. This delicacy is similar to a pancake but has an egg-based batter that is poured into a hot skillet. While it can be made savory as well, this recipe tops it off with rhubarb curd and maple syrup. If you’re looking for an even greater and more satisfying challenge, try your hand at this lemony crêpe casserole. Comprised of lemon crepes toasted in the oven, this tasty dish stacks delicate layers for a decadent dining experience.


galette with an egg

Now that you have sweet dishes covered, it’s time to add some variety to the table with savory options. For a satisfying and visually appealing experience, add this ricotta, potato, and spring pea galette to the menu. Layered in a buttery crust, this dish brings together spring produce and herbs for a fanciful experience.


lavender mimosa

If you’re looking to imbibe, enjoy a twist on the classic mimosa by pouring up these hummingbird mimosas. With the addition of pineapple juice and a cinnamon sugar rim, this rendition offers up tropical flavor with a spiced finish. We’re also loving this orange raspberry mimosa from Vibrant Plate which incorporates frozen raspberries and rosemary twigs.

If you’re inviting guests over, check out our latest post on must-have items for those who love to entertain. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment to throw fabulous brunches in, reach out today! We would be happy to arrange a tour of a community near you.