3 Unique Ways To Switch Up Your Routine

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When it comes to your daily to-do list, switching things up can go a long way. Whether you’re adding new items or rethinking how you approach tasks, a fresh perspective can do wonders for your motivation and happiness.

Here are a few unique ways to switch up your routine.

Create a Reverse Grocery List

Have you ever written a grocery list on-the-go and stocked up on items that are already collecting dust in the back of your pantry? Avoid duplicating your spices and overwhelming your fridge by writing a reverse grocery list. Comprised of items you already have, a reverse grocery list serves as a personal inventory. You can plan meals with ease and know exactly what you need for your recipes. First, create a list of everything in your fridge and pantry. When you run out of an item, refer to this list and mark what needs replenishing. Then, when you go shopping you can see what is marked so you don’t forget items or buy multiples. Not only will this trick leave your kitchen organized, but it will also benefit your wallet and the quality of your meals.

Wake Up An Hour Later

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While the early bird oftentimes gets the worm, sometimes it’s beneficial to get an extra hour of rest instead. Sleep has a huge impact on our health, wellness, and mindset. When you’re feeling overworked or tired, it may be best to schedule an extra hour of sleep the next day. Or, if you have an important meeting or assignment that needs your full attention, set your clock forward an hour so you can feel like your best self. While it does feel good to wake up early and get a head start, the occasional extra hour of shut eye provides extra energy to make your waking hours more efficient.

Add a Reward

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There is one item that is often missing from a to-do list — a reward! After a long day of working, tackling chores, and taking care of others, it’s easy to forget to treat yourself. Therefore, scheduling a reward into your routine will help you prioritize yourself and have something to look forward to. Therefore, at the beginning of your day, jot down something that you love to do. Whether it’s picking up a cookie from your favorite bakery or calling a close friend, your day will be a little easier when you sprinkle in a little joy.

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