3 Ways To Prepare Your Lincoln Apartment For A Vacation

leaving for a vacation
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Summer is vacation season. Whether you’re escaping for a weekend or embarking on a longer trip, now is the time to pack your suitcase and indulge in some wanderlust. Before you zip that suitcase, there are various steps you can take to ensure you leave your apartment in perfect condition.


cleaning an apartment

This may seem obvious, but, in the midst of frantic packing and planning, we often forget to tidy up before we bid farewell. After a week of impromptu plans, sightseeing, and experiencing the unfamiliar, it’s nice to settle into a cozy, clean, and comforting home. First, return all miscellaneous items to their designated spaces. Then, make sure your entryway is spic and span in order to receive a warm welcome upon your return. There’s nothing worse than tripping over shoes and umbrellas after a long flight. For a final touch, make sure all surface areas are wiped down, the floor is swept, and nooks and crannies are dusted. By taking these measures, you’ll be eager to return to your comfort zone after your travels.

Plan For Your Plants


In a recent blog post, we discussed how to grow plants in a Lincoln apartment. If you’ve embraced your green thumb but also want to channel your inner adventurer on vacation, there are various steps you can take to ensure your greenery is taken care of. Your first option is to find a friend willing to crash at your place while you’re gone. They can consider it a staycation and enjoy your swanky Lincoln apartment amenities as well as the community features. If your place offers a pool, fitness center, and fire pits like many Lincoln communities do, it won’t be a tough sell. To show your appreciation, pick up a local wine, delicacy, or item from your travels and gift it to them as a token of your appreciation. If you’re not comfortable asking for help, there are also various steps you can take to keep your plants happy and healthy. Click here for DIY ways to water your plants when out of town.

Clear Your Schedule

relaxing on the couch

After an adventure-filled vacation, it’s often easier to ease back into your daily routine, rather than overloading your schedule. So, before you leave, see if you have any appointments, parties, or engagements that you can spread out or reschedule. Upon your return, you may want to relax, make a home-cooked meal, or invite a friend over to catch up. Give yourself the flexibility to get reacquainted with your day-to-day on your own terms. You’ll be glad you did!

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