3 Ways to Brew Your Morning Coffee

pouring coffee | ways to brew coffee
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If the first thing you think of in the morning is that first cup of coffee, you most likely have a routine for brewing that cup of Joe. However, different methods offer different advantages so it’s good to be knowledgeable about all your options. From rich French press pours to smooth cold brew, these methods will elevate your morning routine.

French Press

french pressed coffee | ways to brew coffee

If you love a rich and strong cup of coffee, the French press may be for you. In this method, the beans are steeped in water for longer, allowing more time for the coffee to extract flavor. This process also allows for customization as you can adjust the amount of coffee and steeping time. Interior design lovers will appreciate the stylish options, including this colorful piece from Yield or this matte piece from Horne.


Baristas all over utilize the pour-over method when making the perfect cup of coffee. One of the advantages is the process of slow pouring which allows time for the water to pull flavor from the beans. Plus, it’s easier to make a single cup with pour-over than it is with a machine or a French press. Therefore, if you’re brewing for a family, you may want to look into a different method. However, if you’re looking for the perfect solo cup, utilize this stylish pour-over stand from Amazon.

Cold Brew

iced coffee | ways to brew coffee

Did you know you can easily make cold brew at home? All you have to do is pour ground coffee into a jar and top it with cold water. Place a lid on top and let the mixture sit overnight. The next morning, pour the cold brew through a fine-mesh sieve. You may need to strain a few times to get all of the granules out. Afterward, pour and enjoy!

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