3 Ways To Celebrate Summer & Welcome Fall

dinner with friends as an end of summer and early fall activity
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September is a season of transition. Students head back to school, the weather cools, and there’s a feeling of change in the air. Celebrating both seasons is a great way to appreciate the past and get excited about the future. Therefore, take some time to transition gracefully into autumn with these wholesome activities.

Look Back on Summer Memories

journaling as an end of summer and early fall activity

While fall is a joyful time of year, for many, it’s difficult to let go of the summer feeling. Therefore, pay tribute to days spent under the sun by journaling your favorite summer memories. If you have photos, you can also create a scrapbook. Not only is this a great way to celebrate the season before it ends, but you will love looking back on this joyful time for years to come. To make the event extra special, invite friends over for dinner and have everyone share the highs of the season.


fall pastry | end of summer and early fall activity

Nothing encompasses the season more than its flavors. While summer is all about vibrant plates and fresh produce, autumn brings warmth with rich spices and cozy comfort food. However, there are many meals that celebrate both seasons with creative combinations. This sweet potato corn chowder recipe from Daring Gourmet merges the sweet corn of summer with autumn’s most beloved root vegetable—the sweet potato. For dessert, whisk up this bourbon-pumpkin ice cream from Burrata and Bubbles.

Start Planning

making a mood board on a computer | an end of summer and early fall activity

If it feels too early to start putting away your summer clothing or decor, then don’t! There’s no harm in savoring every second of the season. Instead, begin to plan your transition so that when the time comes you’re not feeling overwhelmed. You can begin by creating a mood board of your autumn style. Select a color palette, overall feel, and begin to create shopping carts for items you want. You can also look into fall decor trends to get inspired. Additionally, begin to make mental or even physical notes of items that you no longer want.

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