4 Ways To Create The Perfect Bath

a bubble bath
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Few things are more satisfying than a luxurious bath during the chilly season. Enjoying a soak is a tranquil way to keep yourself clean, relax, and reward yourself after a long week. Therefore, make the most of your bathing experience by adopting these ways to create the perfect bath.

Add Calming Scents

A relaxing smell gently reminds the brain that it’s time to relax. Therefore, fill your bath with your favorite scents. A few drops of essential oil will fill the room with soothing fragrances. To unwind, opt for lavender or geranium with a drop or two of lemon. If essential oils aren’t your thing, consider a hydrating bath oil instead.

Have a Drink

wine in a bubble bath

Baths are all about luxury. Therefore, treat yourself to a go-to comfort drink while enjoying a soak. Whether you enjoy wine, beer, or perhaps a calming tea, you’ll find holding your go-to drink in hand will elevate the experience.

Cue The Entertainment

reading a book in the bath

While baths are a great time to meditate and reflect, they can also be a relaxing setting where you can enjoy your favorite entertainment. Download a podcast or immerse yourself in your favorite book. When reading, have a hand towel nearby and invest in a bath tray with a book stand.

Prepare For Getting Out

a bathrobe and a towel

Every step of the bathing process should be as luxurious as possible, including getting out. Therefore, prepare for this step before you get into the tub. Lay out your softest robe, fuzziest slippers, and your favorite towel. Find your favorite scented moisturizer and take a few minutes to lather after your soak.

After adopting these four ways to create the perfect bath, continue treating yourself and check out our recent post on delicious comfort food found around the world.

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