4 Ways To Go Green This Summer

a woman picking produce at the farmers market
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Summer heat is just around the corner. As we look forward to barbecues, pool days, and nights spent under the stars, it’s important to also thank the earth for the beauty of the season by living sustainably.

Think green this summer by adopting these practices:

Take Advantage of the Sunshine

Take advantage of warm summer days and step away from at-home devices. Healthy activities like days in the park, long walks, and afternoons at the beach are not only great for the body, they also conserve energy because they don’t involve electricity. Simply enjoy the summer sun and you’re already living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Invest in a Nest Thermostat

A/C may be a summer essential–but keep in mind there are ways to curb your energy output by investing in smart appliances. Nest Thermostats can be controlled via a handheld device, meaning you can adjust temperatures from anywhere. For those who keep their A/C on in fear of walking into a sweltering home, NEST allows you to cool up your space prior to your return. Plus, if you forget to turn the air off on your way out, you can shut it down with just a press of a button via the Nest app.

Find Fresh Farmers Market Produce

Summer welcomes a bounty of produce. Instead of opting for supermarket fruits and veggies, head to your local outdoor market and pick up items from local farmers. You’ll be supporting local businesses and you’ll know your veggies haven’t traveled thousands of miles to make it to your plate.

Another way to level up on sustainability points is to integrate seasonal produce into a plant-based diet. Cutting back on meat reduces the energy consumption that’s caused by raising livestock. Therefore, those barbecued veggie skewers are not only delicious but they also produced fewer carbon emissions than your burger.

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