4 Ways To Upgrade Your Furniture

upholstered furniture
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Our tastes may evolve, but furniture rarely does. Couches, dining room tables, and bed frames are often large in size and in their price tags. Therefore, furniture can sit in your apartment for years or even decades.

Luckily, you don’t have to swap out your furniture to refresh the aesthetic of your apartment. There are a variety of DIY upgrades you can perform on your current pieces to make them feel new. Instead of tossing pieces aside, try these tweaks to switch up your look.


upholstering a pink cushion

Upholstering may seem intimidating. But, when you start out small and work your way up it’s way more manageable. This guide from SFGATE offers detailed instructions on how to cut and sew your way to new and updated pillows. Click here to find a few more ways you can ease into this rewarding DIY project.


painting a dresser blue

One of the easiest ways to update a piece of furniture is with a smooth coat of paint. Whether you want a pop of color or want to incorporate a new neutral, painting your furniture is the easiest way to go. First, lay down a tarp inside with the windows open or head out to a spacious balcony. Then, prepare the piece by washing it with Murphy’s Oil Soap before sanding. Once your furniture is prepped, apply a primer as a base, sand the furniture again, and then begin painting.

Add Accents

The details can make a huge difference when it comes to furniture. So, instead of opting for a full paint job or a massive upholstery project, consider making minor tweaks to add character. For example, give your sofa a new set of legs courtesy of Pretty Pegs. This company specializes in updating IKEA furniture with stylish legs in a range of styles. Another small yet impactful upgrade is to install new handles on dresser drawers. Etsy is home to a range of styles that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

If you’re looking to upgrade more than just furniture, check out this blog post on other home upgrades, or contact Lincoln today! We would be happy to find a community near you and arrange a tour.