Apartment Decor For Book Lovers

reading a book
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The first step to decorating an apartment doesn’t involve looking at paint swatches or measuring furniture. To create a dream atmosphere that truly feels like home, it’s important to first pinpoint what brings you joy. Evaluating what makes you happy sparks inspiration for decor that will elevate your mood daily.

For many, cracking open a new book or sifting through the pages of a classic novel brings a smile to the face. Whether it’s the smell of an old novel or the crisp feel of a new bestseller, the joy of books extend beyond the act of reading them. Admiring books inside an apartment is another way to reap their benefits. Therefore, we’ve gathered a few types of apartment decor for book lovers.

Jazz Up Your Coffee Table

coffee table with books

While the coffee table is often reserved for remotes and old coffee mugs, it can also be a great location for your favorite books. Coffee table reads typically are in good condition and feature an aesthetically-pleasing design. A few of our favorites include this photography book featuring artistic and adorable pictures of dogs and this read featuring settings from Wes Anderson films.

Create a Literary Statement Wall


For the book lovers who need more than one shelf for their collection, a statement wall is a stylish way to display your favorite reads. Invest in one large or two bookshelves that fill the entire wall. Then, pick out knick-knacks and objects like picture frames, bookends, or small sculptural pieces to add variety to the shelving. Finally, add your books! Feel free to color coordinate, organize by size, or alphabetize your collection.

Add a Reading Nook

reading a nook

A designated reading nook will not only inspire you to crack open a new book but it will add cozy feels to your layout. The key to the perfect corner is to find a comfortable armchair, make sure blankets are within arm’s reach, and to position it in a sunlit spot.

Connect with Others

Another joy of reading is to share that enthusiasm with others. After you’ve decorated the perfect book lovers apartment, celebrate by creating a virtual book club! Or, participate in a book swap group where members send each other their favorite picks.

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