Apartment Decor That Will Better Your Wellness Routine

stretching at home
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In order to lead a balanced lifestyle, for both our minds and bodies, it’s important to set ourselves up with the rights tools and inspiration. Naturally, most of this can be found in your apartment. Therefore, the right decor can guide you on the path to wellness. Here’s how:

Decorate Areas With Purpose

doing yoga at home with a cat

Celebrate one of your healthy habits by designating and decorating an area of the home where you can practice what makes you happy. If you’re a dedicated yogi, find a corner of your living room or bedroom and set up a candle display, a shelf for mats, blocks, and blankets, and make sure it’s near a window so you can enjoy a sunrise or sunset flow.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

a bath bomb, towel, and a candle by the bathtub

One of the tricks to leading a more fulfilling life is to reimagine how you go about day-to-day tasks. For example, if you rush through brushing your teeth and washing your face, you’ll begin to associate bedtime tasks with anxiety. Instead, make this period a chance to be productive and relaxed and add spa elements into your nightly routine. Hang eucalyptus on your shower head and stock up on essential oils for a fragrant showering experience. Add a candle into the mix and light it while your washing your face, cleansing, and brushing your teeth.

Wind Up & Wind Down In Your Bedroom

waking up and smiling

The bedroom is where you begin and end your day. These opposing moods can both be satisfied by altering your decor. And, since it’s easier to wake up if you fall asleep easily, they both complement each other. If you aspire to forget the snooze button, we recommend placing your alarm clock across the room, so you have to get out of the bed to turn it off. Also, ditch your alarm app and opt for an old-fashioned clock. This will help you avoid blue light when setting it at night and scrolling through Instagram when you first wake up in the morning. Place something you will look forward to, like your favorite hand moisturizer, next to your clock, so you’ll stay awake to enjoy its scent. Finally, invest in blackout curtains, so street lamps or building lights won’t disturb your shut-eye.

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