Apartment DIYs: Cozy Season Edition

painting a table
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The cozy season is upon us, which means it’s a great time to light some candles, put on your favorite Netflix show, and try a fall DIY project! Not only will the final product enliven your Lincoln apartment, but the act itself is the perfect cold weather activity to enjoy while spending time at home.

Gather your materials, get into the creative mindset, and tackle one of the following projects inside your Lincoln apartment.

Twisted Candles

two twisted candles

Place an abstract spin on the classic candlestick and make your very own twisted version. All you will need is a vase of warm water and taper candles that are made with parrafin wax. Place a candle in the vase of water until it softens. Then, with a rolling pin or wine bottle, roll the middle section flat. Finally, slowly twist the candle into your preferred design. If it begins to harden before you’re done twisting, simply dip it back into the water. It may take some trial and error to create your desired shape. Place your final product in a candlestick holder and admire your new, handmade statement piece.

Checkered Furniture

painting a dresser

If you’re looking for a statement furniture piece, consider adding checkers into the mix. It’s easy to turn any coffee table, dresser, or wooden chest into a checkered dream. All you need is some paint and tape! First, follow these guidelines for painting furniture. Once your base color is painted, let it dry completely and then tape a checkered pattern onto the furniture. Simply paint over the tape, let it dry, peel it off, and enjoy this bold new addition to your home.

Incense Holders

There’s nothing quite like enjoying earthy scents on a chilly fall day and incense offer just that. To make them even more appealing, create your very own holder. There are a variety of ways to do this and they are all very simple. First, take an old candle container and scrape out all of the wax. Then, fill it with sand, rocks, or any other loose filling that will hold an incense.

Are you looking for a new apartment to fill with fun DIY projects? Contact us today! The team at Lincoln would be happy to arrange a virtual tour of a community near you.