Don’t Overlook These Apartment Essentials

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For many, moving into a new space represents the opportunity to refresh and redecorate the place you’ll call home. While it can be exciting picking out new curtains or choosing a new comforter, it can also be easy to look over some important things. From being prepared for emergencies to making good use of your space, here are a few apartment essentials you didn’t know you needed.

Household Essentials

kitchen tools

Multipurpose Pieces: A great way to maximize your space is to invest in furniture that can be used multiple ways. Pick up a small lamp for a table or desk that has a built-in USB port. This is great for the times you need to charge your phone while you work without a bundle of wires taking up desk space. Or pick up a set of nesting tables that can be stacked away in a corner but are perfect for when additional space is needed.

Extra Linens & Towels: Be sure to keep extra linens and towels on hand for surprise guests or if you don’t have time for laundry that week. Pick solid, neutral-colored sheets that won’t clash if you decide to change your decor in the future.

Kitchen Gadgets: Don’t underestimate how often you will need a can opener or a good knife. Pick up a few basic necessities such as measuring cups, spatulas and mixing bowls to ensure you are prepared for every situation.

Emergency Essentials

emergency supplies

Important Lists: Keep an emergency call list on your fridge in case you ever find yourself without a cell phone. This list includes close family, doctors, work and whatever else you consider an important contact. Another great list to make is one of the contents in your wallet. In the event that your wallet is lost or stolen, having a list of what is missing makes replacing everything much easier.

Grab And Go Bag: To help you feel in control during last minute emergencies, pack a bag with some of your necessities to get you through a couple hours or days and keep it near your door. If you need to leave on short notice, you will already be prepared and save time on packing. Comfortable clothing, reading material, and toiletries are a few must-haves.

Tool Kit: Whether it’s a shaky leg on your favorite stool or hanging a new piece of art, a basic tool kit can be great to have on hand. A hammer, nails, and different types of screwdrivers are the most versatile tools to keep in your kit. Also, be sure to keep a flashlight and extra batteries with your tools. You’ll find some comfort in knowing you planned ahead for any potential power outages!

These apartments essentials will ensure you are making the most of your new apartment, while being adequately prepared for unpredictable events in the future. For more information on apartment living, contact us today!