Get Organized with Amy Davis

Amy Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

LPC is proud to announce another collaboration that aims to celebrate the LPC lifestyle. This time, we’re introducing Amy Davis, a professional organizer and founder of Less is Living. With a mission to rid the home of physical distractions, Amy believes a tidier space can free up the mind to focus on the things that matter. Less stress results in more living, which is exactly how we operate here at Lincoln Property Company.

To spread Amy’s tips, we hosted a contest at Artemis Midtown in Nashville and selected one winner to win an exciting makeover. We were so excited to pick a resident named Samantha who works in the medical field. We couldn’t wait to help Samantha organize her setting and thank her for the amazing work she does.

Click here to see Samantha’s closet makeover in action! If you’re looking to simplify your space, here are some insider tips from Amy.

Start by Removing All Items

empty closet

Before you begin any organizational project, it’s important to remove all the items and start with a clean slate. Not only will you be able to assess the space and storage opportunities, but you will see all the items you own and decide what stays and what goes.

Pair Like With Like

organizing a closet

It’s important to group items together in a way that is convenient for your daily routine. For example, placing all fitness gear in the same location will help you get out the door and into the gym faster.

Create a System

grabbing a shirt from the closet

Once you have your items organized and paired down, it’s important to create a system that is tailored for your lifestyle. For example, by placing most-used items in an accessible location, you will cut back on time spent sifting through your closet to find your go-to robe, t-shirt, or running gear.

We loved the look and feel of Samantha’s finished closet. If you’re looking to simplify your space in the same way, be sure to follow Less is Living. For more tips on how to lead an inspired lifestyle with Lincoln, click here.