Helpful Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

setting florals down on a table | how to make florals last longer
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‘Tis the season for beautiful bouquets and fresh floral scents. There’s nothing quite like arranging a stunning centerpiece to add extra color to your Lincoln apartment. If you’ve created or purchased the bouquet of your dreams, now is the time to give it some quality care.

Here are a few tips for extending the shelf life of the florals in your apartment. 

Make Sure The Water is Clean

flower bouquet | how to make florals last longer

One of the most important aspects of keeping your flowers alive is clean water. As its main source of sustenance, it’s harmful to your florals to ingest certain bacteria. However, after arranging your bouquet with the utmost care, it can be frustrating to have to remove the flowers to clean out the vase. If you want to skip this step, here are a few alternative routes.

First, try adding a penny that was made before 1982 to your vase. Made mostly of copper, these vintage coins have natural antimicrobial properties that will eliminate any toxins. Another option is to use a baster to remove all the old water and before pouring in new H2O. 

If your vase needs serious scrubbing, find a rubber band and delicately wrap it around your arrangement. Then, remove it, clean the vase, and then place the flowers back inside. 

Use Temperature Control

putting flowers in the fridge to make them last longer

Unlike many plants, flowers will wilt sooner when they are in a warm room and in direct sunlight. During the day, keep them in a cool, shady location. When you go to bed, transfer your arrangement into the fridge. This is especially helpful on balmy summer days. Plus, it will add extra joy to your routine when you smell your flowers first thing in the morning. 

Embrace Dried Flowers

dried flowers | how to make florals last longer

The unfortunate truth is that eventually, all flowers die. However, not all of them need to end up in the trash. Dried flowers have their own unique aesthetic. This tutorial from Afloral shows you the perfect varietals to add to your dried bouquet. For a little extra flair, check out this guide on spray painting dried flowers. Keep in mind, these creations can serve as the perfect housewarming gift

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