Hobbies That Double as Decor

stylish room with mirror, stools, and clothing rack | hobbies as decor
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If you want to fill your apartment with meaningful objects, look to your interests. To make a comfortable home, you don’t have to be super design savvy. Instead, you can surround yourself with the things you love by giving them a stylish edge. To get started, here are a few ideas.


row of books | hobbies as decor

If you love getting lost in a novel or scouring the latest bestsellers, then you most likely have an impressive collection of books. It’s easy to use these page-turners as decor to add extra style to your home. Head to your bookshelf and get creative with placement. You can color code for a rainbow effect. Or, you can mix and match knick-knacks with books. Stylish sculptures can serve as bookends or you can stack piles of books and place decor or plants on top. There are also modern bookshelves that can add extra flair to your apartment. We’re loving this tree bookshelf from Etsy that boasts a unique, vertical design.

Playing Music

an electric guitar | hobbies as decor

It’s no secret that music can make any home feel special. This is why having instruments out in the open can add warmth to a space. Therefore, take your guitar out of storage and find a place where you can hang it on the wall. If you play the piano, design a corner around the piano that accentuates its classic look and feel. If you don’t play a particular instrument, celebrate the music you love by finding a vintage record player and hanging classic vinyl on the wall. Not only will they make your home look great, but they can also serve as conversation pieces.


hats hanging as decor | hobbies as decor

Get extra worth out of your wardrobe by using fashion as decor. Not only will this free up space in your apartment, but you can also celebrate special pieces by putting them on display. If you’re a hat lover, hang all of your favorites on a wall. The same can be done for sneaker lovers that have a collection they would like to show off. Jewelry can also serve as decor when placed on sculptures or on wall art.

If you’re looking for a new apartment to show off your hobbies in, give the team at Lincoln a call. We would love to arrange a tour of a community near you.