How To Reward Yourself When Spring Cleaning

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On warm and sunny days, it can be challenging to get yourself to deep clean those areas you would prefer to avoid. Whether it be dusting, vacuuming, or organizing your junk drawer, dreading doing these tasks is often worse than actually performing them.

Therefore, take the dread out of the experience and incorporate a reward system. To get you started, we’ve paired three pesky chores with satisfying rewards that will get you moving.

Reorganize Your Kitchen Cabinets

an organized kitchen

On busy days, kitchen cabinets can go from organized to disordered very quickly. From stacking pots and pans to shoving mugs in with glasses, it doesn’t take long for chaos to ensue. Therefore, take some time to add some order to your cabinets. Get started by taking everything out and assessing what should stay and what should go. Then, plan on how you can stack objects to make them accessible and organized. Consider buying a pull-out organizer so you can easily reach for pots and pants.

Host a Dinner Party

Now that your cabinets are organized, put them to good use and prepare a delicious dinner for friends! You’ll love pulling out dinnerware and cooking utensils from organized cabinets. Plus, you’ll know exactly where things should go during cleanup.

Dust Your Living Room

Dusting is rarely on our regular chore list. Therefore, take some time to get pesky particles out of the hard-to-reach areas in your home. In the living room, target the tops of shelves, your coffee table, and even your television.

Have a Movie Night

Once your living room is rid of all of the dust, treat yourself to a cozy movie night. Order your favorite takeout, kick up your feet, and watch a flick from the comfort of your clean living room.

Clean Your Balcony

After the winter months, it’s likely your balcony has dust and debris. For a clean slate, use a multipurpose cleaner in a bucket of warm water and scrub the walls and railings. This handy guide from Small Balcony Design provides helpful tips on ways to clean the floor. Afterward, consider choosing a theme when decorating your balcony.

Buy Plants

Once your balcony is clean, treat yourself to some beautiful new plants! You will love filling this area with a bounty of herbs and blooms.

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