Introducing The Winners of #LPCTellYourStory

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Back in July, we kicked off the #LPCTellYourStory initiative that invited our residents to share a charity that has touched their hearts. We were ecstatic to receive an influx of videos where residents near and far inspired us with stories of love, hope, and goodwill.

At LPC, we’ve selected and partnered with many charities in order to promote our mission to better communities and the people that call them home. This time around, we wanted to expand our network and let our residents tell us which organizations are invaluable to them.

Three residents and three amazing nonprofits were selected as the winners of the #LPCTellYourStory campaign. Each resident received a donation to extend to their charity of choice.

Without further ado, we present the winners of #LPCTellYourStory

Give Kids The World Village

Dean Hixon

Give Kids The World is a nonprofit resort that offers children with critical illnesses cost-free vacations to enjoy with their families. Lincoln resident Dean Hixon of Orlando has volunteered 300 hours of his time supporting their mission and providing unforgettable experiences to those it serves.

Senior Year Productions

Cheryl Hamilton

Cheryl Hamilton, founder of Senior Year Productions, wowed us with her video detailing the amazing work her organization does. With a “mission to equip, educate, and provide quality support to all students pursuing higher education,” Senior Year Productions helps students realize their dreams and provides them with the tools to follow them.

First Descents

Heather McCarroll

First Descents is a nonprofit organization that provides memorable outdoor adventures to young adults who have been impacted by cancer or other serious health concerns. Heather regaled us with her story as a participant of the group which offered adventure, exhilaration, as well as healing and recovery following a difficult diagnosis.

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in #LPCTellYourStory. We are elated to partner with these amazing organizations that have impacted our residents. To learn more about Lincoln Charities and our mission, click here.