Live Smart With These 3 Daily Tweaks

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When it comes to bettering yourself, we sometimes place too much emphasis on big, dramatic changes. Oftentimes, it’s simple tweaks throughout our daily routines that have lasting and positive effects. Whether you’re waking up 10 minutes earlier, or skipping that afternoon sugar splurge, the little things can make a big difference.

This applies to our finances too. Small withdrawals and quick purchases add up over time, making the yearly price of a daily Starbucks order equivalent to that of an all-inclusive vacation.

So, if you’re looking to tighten up your spending habits, here are a few easy and effective steps to take.

Skip Starbucks


Did you know that the average American spends around $1,500 dollars per year when buying coffee daily? That’s the price of a vacation! We don’t expect anyone to give up their java but do think a few daily tweaks can have a huge impact. First, invest in a nice coffee machine that suits your needs. Then, experiment with unique roasts that will entice every morning. Waking up and pouring yourself a fresh cup is a satisfying addition to any routine. For rushed days or impromptu afternoon cups, check if your local coffee shop has a rewards card. Many independently-owned coffee shops offer punch cards where a free coffee is awarded after a certain amount is bought.

Batch Your Meals For The Week

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With endless food apps and takeout restaurants, you can have a hot meal at your front door in under an hour. While we all love occasional late night pizza or impromptu Chinese food spreads, it’s important to consider these indulgences as a treat rather than routine. Instead, head to your local supermarket and stock up on ingredients that will last through the week. Options like chili, burrito bowls, soup, and easy-to-make sandwiches will last from Monday to Friday and don’t come with delivery fees. Plus, you’ll fine-tune your cooking skills and lead a healthier life. Every couple weeks or so, that craving for on-demand pepperoni may strike, but it will feel well-deserved after weeks of meal prep and nutritious bites.

Make Smart Splurges


It’s important to splurge every now and then. Whether you deserve a pat on the back or a much-needed vacation, a little self-appreciation every now and then does wonders for our happiness. One issue with the concept of “splurging” is our tendency to throw out the rule book when indulging. We sometimes pay exorbitant airfare, spa prices, and restaurant bills while in this mindset, when we can enjoy all these things and more for a fraction of the price. When a vacation is overdue, instead of turning to the booking site of your favorite airline, vouch for cheaper platforms. Groupon, Airbnb, and a medley of other websites offer nominal prices for extravagant trips. There are various apps that provide savings too! Hopper is a crowd favorite that presents the best deals possible and alerts its users when a flight is at its cheapest. A trip to Paris from New York City is currently $224.00 in April, leaving travelers with extra cash for croissants and crepes!

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