Make The Most Of Your “Me Time”: Tips For Living Alone

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whether it was a good or bad experience, those who have lived with a roommate know how valuable alone time can be. From choosing the decor to having complete privacy, living alone has both its advantages and disadvantages. If you find yourself unsure about residing solo or are already comfortable in your home for one, keep a few of these suggestions in mind for whenever you feel that twinge of loneliness creeping up.

Find Your Passion

Use this part of your life as a time for self-discovery and growth. Throw yourself into hobbies or interests you may have set aside in the past. If you’re a fan of flipping through the latest additions to the bestseller list, join a book club with people who share your love for the written word. Are arts and crafts more your thing? Invest in quality supplies to create your next masterpiece for your living room.

Get Out And Exercise

Instead of sitting on the couch and scrolling through the highlight reel of someone else’s life on social media, get out and get your heart pumping. Attending a fitness class or lacing up your sneakers for a run club is a great way to enjoy the company of others without sacrificing your personal space. Stay connected with friends even if you are exercising separately through a fitness app or group chat. If you’re more of a solo exerciser, take advantage of living alone to try new workout DVDs or routines in your living room.

Adopt A Pet

Dreading the thought of coming home to an empty house? Pick up a new furry friend from your local animal shelter. Be sure to consult with your apartment community staff ahead of time about weight and breed restrictions to avoid any potential issues in the future. If you are always out and about, a self-sufficient feline might be a better pick. Alternatively, if you are home often and have more time to invest in your new pet, a dog could be a great addition. While they won’t be able to carry on a conversation with you, your pet will reward you with unwavering devotion and companionship.

Host In Your Home

Invite friends over for an Instagram-worthy brunch or a weekend Netflix binge. By making memories with friends at your apartment, you’ll have good times and good feelings to reflect on when you’re feeling lonely. Make plans to host certain events or holidays ahead of time so there is always something to look forward to. When you don’t have a roommate, you don’t have anyone else’s schedule to work around–just your own!

For many, the idea of living alone can be exciting but scary. By finding ways to stay connected with others while preserving your privacy, you’ll be able to maintain a happy home and positive outlook. For more apartment living tips, contact us today!