May was #AnimalKindness Month

As part of our year-long Kindness Campaign celebrating Lincoln turning 50, we received the following story from a community in Florida, The Latitudes at the Moors. The story and even more so, the way it was told, was so sweet that we just had to share.. It was a nice insight into the kind of folk that work for our great company. We believe it’s this kind of thing that makes the world go ’round.

Without further ado, take it away, (Business Manager) Ruth…

It started with a strong windstorm at Latitudes at the Moors.  Two baby Blue Jays were found on the floor, wet, shaking and afraid.. 

Maintenance brought it to the office. We placed them in a box with shredded paper to keep them warm. Not knowing how to feed these crying/hungry birds we stopped by the local pet store.

Purchased formula food with dropper for newborn birds, however realized that they needed to be fed every few hours. YIKES! What a commitment! 

First Miracle: The same day, a vendor said she loves birds and will adopt them; unfortunately, one of them did not survive the long journey home.  

The one that survived is now called Fluffy. New to his home, Fluffy accepted the formula food, becoming stronger and loving the warm hands that love him.  After a few days, Fluffy was placed in his new cage close to other birds in the backyard. 

She noticed Fluffy was not eating his seeds, however noticed bugs, little worms inside cage.  HMMM?  She was confused as the bird is off the floor?? Confused after cleaning the bottom of cage she sat in the kitchen looking out the window.    

Second Miracle: Mystery solved: A Blue Jay visits Fluffy, feeding him worms, insects. We don’t know if the mother flew miles following her baby’s scent or call or the neighboring Blue Jays are taking care of Fluffy feeding him protein to get him ready for his new stage in life….freedom!

 Story to learn from this: If Mother Nature finds a way to take care of their own species, we can show the same kindness and help to each other.  LPC is all about the people…we can help someone!

Latitudes at the Moors
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