Recipes For The Perfect Fall Brunch

fall brunch | fall brunch recipes
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Fall is officially upon us. This means it’s time to ring in the season with style and what better way than with a festive autumnal brunch. With new flavors and seasonal produce, a fall brunch places a celebratory spin on classic late morning meals. To get started, we’ve broken down the three most important elements of brunch—coffee, libations, and food. Next, we scoured the internet for tempting recipes that embrace the season.

Jazz Up The Java

mug of tea

Fall is the official season of cozy warm beverages. Therefore, embrace it! Jazz up your morning coffee or tea with autumnal flavors. First up, we have a maple cinnamon latte from the creative minds at Port and Fin. This simple recipe involves pouring milk into a mason jar with a lid, shaking it up, and microwaving. Then, pour a cup of coffee, add maple syrup and cinnamon, and spoon the foamy milk on top. If you’re more of a tea drinker, opt for a homemade and authentic Masala Chai. Originating in India, this beverage is made by steeping whole spices with black tea. Comprised of cardamom, cloves, star anise, ginger, and peppercorns, the spiced beverage is then mixed with milk and sweetener.

Level Up Your Libations

fall mimosa

When you think of brunch, naturally the first drink that comes to mind is the mimosa. Luckily, there are several renditions of this classic cocktail that embrace the flavors of autumn. Instead of using orange juice, swap in apple cider and line the rim with cinnamon sugar. Another inventive substitute is the white grape and cranberry mimosa. To prepare, combine sparkling wine and white grape juice then garnish with fresh cranberries and rosemary.

Get Creative With Cuisine

pumpkin pancakes

Brunch is the perfect meal to meld savory and sweet flavors. In autumn, enjoy the best of both by preparing sweet potato hatch chile hash along with pumpkin brown sugar pecan pancakes. For the sweet potato hash, saute diced sweet potato, mix in spices, and top with a fried egg. When prepping the pancakes, be sure to use real maple syrup and heat in the microwave to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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