3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Multifamily Property

spring cleaning flowers
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Spring has arrived! The season of renewal, abundance, and floral everything is upon us and with it comes the annual task of spring cleaning. At home, we organize our closets, dust nooks and crannies, and vacuum hard-to-reach areas, but what’s on the to-do list for apartment communities? If you’re looking to tackle forgotten responsibilities and welcome the season with new design elements, here are some steps to take in your multifamily property.

Spruce Up Your Amenities

gym equipment

While your amenities may look spick and span, there are always steps you can take to upgrade, update, and improve your community facilities. As summer approaches, residents are itching to hit the gym to prepare for the season. Set them up for success and update any old machines or add innovative and fun equipment to your collection. If your budget doesn’t allow for a shopping spree, simply rearrange the equipment to add a refreshed feel to the space. Apply this strategy to other communal areas such as rec rooms, office spaces, and community kitchens. Adopt the “out with the old, in with the new mantra” if you can, and if not, freshen things up with some elevated feng shui.

Decorate The Lobby

a lobby

First impressions are everything, especially in the multifamily industry. When prospective residents make their way into your building eager to feel at home, welcome them with an inviting, inspiring, and stylish lobby that is reflective of your community. Update your entrance with new art, fresh florals, and unique decor. Do you love a certain local artist? Buy a piece to use as a talking point for community tours. How about a nearby florist or boutique shop? Bright arrangements and stylish ornamentations are not only aesthetically appealing but also show off the local businesses in your neighborhood.

Update Outdoor Spaces

pool furniture

As temperatures continue to climb, pool areas, grill stations, and outdoor lounges become the focal points of your community. Excite your residents for barbecues, pool days, and hangouts under the stars by sprucing up these amenities. First, sweep the area to rid it of leaves, acorns, dirt, or anything else that has accumulated in the colder months. Then, deep clean grills, pools, cabanas, or anything else that braved the elements of winter. For a final touch of flair, add new pool toys, colorful cushions, exotic plants, or other fun design elements. Finally, show off your revived communal spaces with a springtime fiesta! Invite residents and friends to hang out by the sparkling pool, crackling fire pit, or under twinkling outdoor lights.


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