Take It or Toss It: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff When Moving

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Moving to a new place usually comes with a mix of feelings, such as excitement and dread. It’s exciting to think about new furniture, new neighbors, and new beginnings, but easy to dread the packing process. From figuring out what is worth saving to what can easily be replaced, you’ll quickly realize how much you have and how little you actually need. Here are few tips to help you decide what to take and what to toss during your next move.

Start Big: Depending on the size of your new place, start by evaluating the larger pieces that will take up the most space. Does the hue go with your new color scheme or is it a timeless pattern that can transition through trends? While larger pieces can be harder to move, they ultimately take up valuable space that could be used for something else. If it’s not in the best condition, check out Pinterest or a similar site for ways to upcycle your piece into something that will fit the new decor.

Be Honest With Yourself: Whether it’s a favorite sweater or a souvenir from a dream vacation, it can be hard to let go of items tied to special experiences. While you are deciding what to take and what to toss, be sure to ask yourself a few important questions: For example, how often do I use this? If I saw this in a store today, would I buy it? How many things similar to this do I own? While it’s always nice to have reminders of past times, it’s important to consider what purpose they will serve in the future.

Take Your Time: It doesn’t matter if it held a special place in your heart or on your shelf, saying goodbye to something you once valued is hard. Dedicate a certain amount of time for sorting and step away for an hour or more to clear your mind before going back to the piles. While this method may take a little extra time, it will save you from carelessly throwing things away due to exhaustion or rushing through the task. You never know how much you need something until you find yourself without it!

Finally, Let It Go: When it comes to packing up, sealing the box and saying good-bye to the colorful wine glasses you bought for a special event, remember the positives. You will be making room for new things to love. Instead of focusing on what you’re losing, think about how it will benefit someone else. Donate household items or clothing to a nearby thrift store for someone else to discover and enjoy your former treasures. For a young adult starting out in their own place, those unique wine glasses will find a spot not only in their cabinet, but their memories as well.

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