The Lincoln Guide to Framing Art

a living room with framed art | inexpensive ways to frame art
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When it comes to decorating an apartment, sourcing art is one of the most satisfying tasks. However, finding the perfect frames for your pieces can be challenging. With custom frames retailing at hundreds of dollars, it may not feel worth it when the frame costs more than the art.

However, with a little creativity, you can hang your art without breaking the bank.

Start with the Frame

Custom-sized frames can oftentimes be more expensive than custom-sized art. Therefore, head to a thrift store and find a vintage frame that appeals to your aesthetic. Then, source an affordable print that will fit inside of it. If you can’t find anything of the right size, this website lets you customize the size of any print. Another option is to make your own art! Whether you’re drawn to abstract painting, realism, or photography, this will add a personal touch to your space.

Create a Magnetic Frame

person working on a wood project | inexpensive ways to frame art

For a contemporary and casual look, consider making your own magnetic frame that only covers the top and/or bottom of your print. This guide from Apartment Therapy utilizes magnets that are drilled into two thin scraps of wood. When art is placed in between the slabs, it hangs securely between the magnets. This look is perfect for the individual who is not quite over their poster phase but ready to start transitioning into formal framed art.

DIY a Frame

hanging a piece of art | inexpensive ways to frame art

For those who already have a piece of art that they want fully framed, a DIY project may be the answer. Luckily, the minds at A Beautiful Mess came up with this handy solution. After acquiring thin wood boards, metal corner braces, and sawtooth frame hangers, you can easily construct a frame of your desired size. Simply drill all the pieces together and spray paint your desired color. If you would like to add glass, you can find a local shop that will cut a piece for a fraction of what they would charge for an entire framing project.

For even more fun DIY projects, check out our post on fun home office DIY projects. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment to fill with stunning art, reach out today! We would be happy to arrange a tour of a Lincoln community near you.