Try These 3 Hosting Hacks This Thanksgiving

a family on Thanksgiving
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Thanksgiving is near and with it comes the warmth of camaraderie and the wafting scents of nostalgic plates. While we wait in anticipation to fill our bellies and laugh with our favorite people, there’s much to be done if you’re hosting this year’s get-together.

From cooking to cleaning to entertaining, the demands of the day can overshadow its pleasantries if not approached properly. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to simplify your to-do list so you too can sit back and enjoy the day.

Here are few tips and tricks to consider:

Turn an Appetizer into a Centerpiece


While we all love a nice autumnal bouquet, I think many of us can agree that a cheese board is more enticing. Therefore, feed your guests and the atmosphere of the room with an elaborate cheese or meat board. A cornucopia of jams, fruits, nuts, and spreads provide color, texture, and pizzazz to any table setting while also knocking an appetizer off your to-do list.

Inspire Guests to Bring Their Own Dishes


To take a little weight off your shoulders, ask your guests to bring their favorite childhood dishes to dinner. By placing a fun spin on the request, your friends and family will feel inspired to contribute a dish near to their heart and it will inspire fun conversation when enjoying. Remember to request this in a text or email chain to encourage open communication and prevent duplicate dishes. For drinks, ask guests to pick up a growler of beer from their favorite brewer or a bottle of wine they love.

Prep the Day Before


Setting yourself up for success is the key to a successful Thanksgiving soirée. The day before, reserve time after work or during the day if you can to prepare select dishes. Cranberry sauce, pies, components of stuffing, and salads sans dressing can be whipped up prior and remain fresh overnight. Other steps like seasoning the turkey, toasting almonds, prepping simple syrup for drinks, or even setting the table can be accomplished with ease the evening before. The best part? You can treat yourself to your favorite podcast, music, or even a movie on your laptop while you work; or simply focus on the task at hand instead of multi-tasking the following day.

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