Try These Rug Trends in 2022

a rug in an apartment
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Rugs have the ability to transform any room. Whether you’re seeking a small area rug or a piece that expands across your space, the addition will add color and texture to your Lincoln apartment. If you’re having trouble sourcing the perfect rug, here are some trends that will help guide you in your process of finding the rug of your dreams.

Irregular Shape

asymmetrical rug

Square, rectangular, and even circular are the shapes we are most accustomed to when it comes to rugs. However, in 2022 it may be time to switch things up with rugs that have no defined shape. This rug from Sweaterpicks comes in a variety of colors and is both funky and modern. Pair it with a contemporary couch and a glass coffee table for a luxurious look with personality.

Checkered Rugs

Checkers made a huge splash in 2021 and in 2022 we’re going to be seeing them on floors. This brown and white checkered Moroccan Berber rug from Etsy would look great as an area rug and would bring warmth to any room. Pair this rug with a cream couch and a mid-century modern coffee table for a classic feel with a contemporary edge.

Go Natural

rattan rug

For a calming feel, opt for natural materials when sourcing your next rug. We are loving the look of rattan rugs which are made from a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. These picks from Etsy would look amazing in an office or bedroom setting. Pair with other neutral colors for a serene aesthetic that will provide instant calm.

Complement your new rug with some cozy accents with help from our recent post on how to make your home extra comfortable. Or, if you’re on the search for your dream apartment this winter, we would love to help. Reach out to a member of the Lincoln team today.