3 Unique Housewarming Gifts

gift basket with wine | unique housewarming gifts
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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a housewarming gift. Not only does it usher in a new adventure, but it can take the edge off unpacking. If you have a friend or loved one who has just moved into a new apartment, here are a few gifts that will make their new home extra special.

Vintage Magazines

flipping through a magazine | unique housewarming gifts

Since the majority of publications are now online, there is a special allure that comes from vintage magazines. As a blast from the past, they are the perfect coffee table book. A way to make them extra special as a gift is to identify your friend’s favorite vintage magazine and source the edition that was published on or around their birthday. Not only is this purchase incredibly thoughtful but it will be fascinating for your friend to see what was trending during their birth year.

A Local Business Gift Basket

a gift basket | unique housewarming gifts

Acclimate your friends or family members to the area by creating a local business gift basket. Simply visit all of your favorite small and independent stores and stock up on goodies. From cheese shops to wineries to local bakeries, they all should have packaged goods that can fit easily into a basket.

A Cocktail Kit & Glassware

pouring a cocktail | unique housewarming gifts

After spending multiple hours unpacking, nothing hits the spot quite like a home-stirred cocktail. Therefore, lend a helping hand by gifting a cocktail set and fancy glasses. w&p offers a wide variety of craft cocktails that mirror the allure and flavor of a libation you can find at a bar. After you identify their go-to drink, pair it with its signature glass. Go with a coupe for champagne cocktails, a martini glass for Manhattans, and a rocks glass for the bourbon lovers.

If you’re thinking of going the DIY route for your gift, check out our recent blog post on fun home projects.

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