Update The Technology In Your Community To Attract Millennials

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today, staying connected is one of the top priorities for millennials. This generation, also known as Gen Y, is educated, tech-savvy, and are used to rapid change. For apartment communities to attract and keep this valuable portion of the population, it’s important to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in technology. From smart appliances to fully stocked business centers, Lincoln Property Company communities are always looking for ways to make our residents lives easier. Here are a few technology upgrades to attract and keep millennial residents.

Business Center: From finishing a last minute project to preparing for an early meeting, having the right tools can either make or break a cram session. Updated computers are essential for “Gen Y-ers” who are used to working with the latest and greatest. Little things such as keeping office software up to date for residents who are sharing files over email is extremely helpful for professionals on-the-go. Also, invest in technology such as printers and copiers with wireless capabilities for fast, cord-free print jobs.

Clubhouse: A new and improved entertainment center is perfect for residents looking to socialize and enjoy a variety of media in their free time. Smart TVs, projectors, and Blu-Ray players are great for watching the big game or hosting a movie night for residents. Build a DVD/Blu-Ray library in the community room or clubhouse to encourage residents to stay and enjoy that beautiful, crystal clear picture with friends.

Kitchen: Make a positive impact on the community and stock your kitchen with updated, Energy Star appliances. When a stove or refrigerator is marked with an Energy Star logo, it works to save energy without sacrificing new, high-quality features. Built-in touch screens and self-timers are two newer features to look for when choosing new appliances during the upgrade phase of an apartment.

Unlike previous generations, Gen Y has grown up with technology wound into every aspect of their lives. Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate more technology into your communities!