Ways to Add a Pre-War Feel to Your Apartment

antique molding | pre-war design tips
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The charm of a pre-war home is undeniable. Built between 1890 and 1940, these spaces were popular among people moving from small towns with functional farmhouses to the city. The designs touted features like high ceilings, arched doorways, and crown molding.

While modern upgrades have resulted in pre-war homes being less common, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some of its elements into your space. Here are some easy tricks to get that pre-war feel.

Add Renter-Friendly Faux Crown Molding

crown molding | pre-war design tips

A lot of seemingly heavy-duty design elements can be renter-friendly additions nowadays. From tiles to wallpaper and now crown molding. We are loving what this renter, featured on Apartment Therapy, did in her space. This simple crown molding can be added and then easily removed when the lease is up. It adds a chic, mid-century feel, imbuing vintage flair into any apartment.

Make Ceilings Look Taller

floor-to-ceiling curtains | pre-war design tips

One of the most noticeable design aspects of a pre-war home is its high ceilings. And while many LPC properties do boast high ceilings, there are ways you can trick the eye to give a room more height. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, low-slung furniture, and large artwork will easily expand a space. Check out this LPC post for more tips.

Make Your Own Faux Fireplace

fireplace | pre-war design tips

This one may sound ambitious. But trust us, it’s possible. These DIY ideas will help you create a statement piece for your living room, where you can stack books, arrange candles, and enjoy all the other perks of a fireplace sans actual fire.

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