3 Fun & Unique Ways to Decorate Windows

draping curtains | unique ways to decorate windows
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With longer days welcoming the soft glow of springtime sun, now more than ever, windows bring life into the home. While typical window treatments consist of curtains, there are a variety of ways to jazz them up to add an extra flair to your space. Here are a few ways to welcome the sun into your apartment with unique ways to decorate windows.

Imitate Stained Glass

stained glass in entryway | unique window treatments

Installing stained glass windows when renting may seem far-fetched. However, you can imitate this timeless look with non-adhesive window films. This item from Etsy is easy to apply. All you have to do is cut the film to your desired size, dab some water on the window, and stick. This renter-friendly hack will not leave any damage and will have light filtering into your room in amazing colors.

Create a Window Herb Garden

an herb garden in a window | unique window treatments

Home chefs and plant lovers alike will swoon over this shelving for an indoor herb garden from Etsy. Not only will you have a myriad of fresh flavors at your disposal, but it will add a pop of greenery to your space. Naturally, window herb gardens work well in kitchens but can go anywhere in the home. We do recommend using south-facing windows so your plants get optimal light.

Get Fancy

valance | unique ways to decorate windows

If you’re a lover of the Baroque era and fanciful designs, consider adding a valance to your window treatment. A valance is a fabric draped at the topic of curtains or atop a canopy bed that covers hardware and adds an exquisite touch. While valances are not seen as often as they used to, they add an elegant and vintage feel to any space.

Are you looking for even more ways to celebrate spring in your Lincoln apartment? These fun DIY projects will help you celebrate the season in style. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment, reach out to the Lincoln team today!