We’d all like to own our own homes and have free rein to remodel as we like. Unfortunately for us renters, we’re usually stuck with old carpeting, drab colors, and a lack of closet space. Renting can sometimes feel like living in a generic hotel room without maid service, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some simple steps you can take to make your rental unit feel like home without giving your landlord a heart attack: Spice up bland rooms with window treatments Vinyl blinds. They’re cheap, they’re boring, they’re blah—and they’re in practically every rental

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Summer Chick Flick Netflix Picks


Summer Chick Flick Netflix Picks Ok Netflix, you win. After appearing on my “you might like”, “top picks for Lauren”, “more like this” lists, I finally beat the heat by snuggling up in bed and wasting, I mean (cough), enriching my Sunday afternoons with an intense click flick extravaganza over the past couple of months. The titles all somewhat sound the same, and the plots are predictable (they are chick flicks, after all), but I finished each of them with feeling better than I had watched them for different reasons. I am not a critic, mind you (you’ll see), just

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1. Modern living room

Open kitchen and living room SMART INTERIORS: SPACE-SAVING IDEAS FOR URBAN APARTMENT LIVING Storage everywhere. Beds that fold up into the wall and become desks. Kitchen counters with multiple layers for food preparation.  Space-saving furniture gives you more room to function and can accommodate your lifestyle when you live in a smaller rental apartment. If you have opted to move into a smaller urban space, you probably made that decision because of location or budget (or both). Now you need to design the look and function of your rooms to make them both practical and beautiful. Whatever your budget, chances

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Time Saving Moving and Packing Tips

Are you gearing up for a move? Whether you will be heading across town or across the country, packing up and moving is probably not your favorite chore. Save yourself time and frustration with these moving hacks. Preparing for your move: Start by making a schedule of what needs to be done between now and the big day to help you stay on track. Get rid of any items that you no longer need or use by throwing them out or donating items to a local charity. Set aside a box or suitcase for things that you will need immediately

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The Ultimate Home Loan Checklist

Purchasing a home can be more than a little overwhelming. Our ultimate home loan checklist will make the task much easier by ensuring that you are aware of what you need to know before, during, and after you sign your mortgage. Before: What documents you will need You can expedite the loan process by being up front and ready with the most basic documents that your bank will most likely require. Two forms of identification, such as driver’s license, Social Security Card, or passport. Proof of income, including: * Copies of your two most recent paycheck stubs * Copies of

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Highlight: Frank Lloyd Wright

The American Institute of Architects honored Frank Lloyd Wright in 1991 as “the greatest American architect of all time.”  High praise indeed, but Wright is entirely deserving of such commendation as his prolific creativity has changed the landscape of American architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867. He began his career as a draftsman in Chicago, where he worked for Louis Sullivan until 1893, when he left to start his own practice. Wright is most known for his Prairie style homes—flat structures built on horizontal lines and with open interior spaces. He coined

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Booming Housing Markets You Should Consider

Are you thinking about purchasing a home in the near future? Whether you are contemplating a move or just looking to invest in a new property, consider the following U.S. cities, which are home to some of the hottest housing markets in the country. Denver, Colorado Across the country, the housing market is showing a continuing increase in year-over-year (YOY) appreciation. However, some local markets are definitely appreciating at a higher rate than others. Denver, for example, has shown a 9.4% YOY appreciation in home prices, with an estimated 7% overvaluation. With a healthy economy, low unemployment rates, and the

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QUIZ: Where Should I Move?

Where should I move? Where should I live? For all you adventurers and seekers, a time inevitably comes when you feel the pull of the unknown, when you’re struck by the weight of everything you know you’re missing. It’s a big world, and while you can’t see it all, you can certainly try. Want to find out where you really belong? You could spin the globe, blindly point, and hope for the best. Or, you could take our fun and simple, nine question, “where should I move?” quiz. Think of it as a weathervane for the winds of the heart.

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Tips For Growing Succulents Indoors

Are you struggling to keep your succulents alive? Many people share this struggle because succulents can be very temperamental and need just the right environment to thrive. Growing succulents indoors starts with a bit of knowledge about the plants you own and how to choose the best environment to help them to grow. If you’re ready to keep your succulents alive, follow these simple steps! Tips: Focus on the correct climate – The first step is to get the climate just right for these dry-air loving plants. They grow well in areas without humidity. If you live in an area

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2015 Outdoor Patio Trends

With the start of the outdoor season comes the need to spruce up the patio. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood if you invest in any one of the latest 2015 outdoor patio trends. Today’s trends are all about comfort, relaxation, and a bit of style. Outdoor patio trends for this year also include a bold mix of color and vibrancy. Have fun incorporating a few of these trends into your own home. Vertical Gardens – It seems as though everyone is attempting to grow their own foods this year, and vertical gardens provide an option for home gardening,

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