5 Tips for Decorating with Roommates

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Five Great Decorating Tips for Roommates     One of the biggest challenges that often accompanies apartment living is the roommate situation. No matter how well you may get along, it can be tough negotiating two different styles when it comes to decorating. These five tips from RENTCafé Apartments can help you navigate those decorating decisions and come to a solution that will suit you both. Put Function First One thing you should be able to agree on right away is that your apartment should be both comfortable and easy to navigate for everyone involved. To that end, start your

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Friendsgiving: How to Celebrate with Friends

We know you love your family – but celebrating Thanksgiving with your closest friends can be an exciting and stress-free way to recognize Turkey day this year. Imagine this. Thanksgiving this year WILL NOT include the following: purchasing peak rate airline tickets, slogging through congested airports, spending money on car rentals, sleeping on Aunt Betsy’s twin sized pullout cot, dealing with the “range of personalities” that exist within your family, and then returning home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. While there is something truly nice about the family gathering around the table for a huge Thanksgiving

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Your Pets and The Holidays: Make Sure They Stay Joyful


Your Pets and The Holidays: Make Sure They Stay Joyful By Guest Blogger, KC Theisen, Director of Pet Care Issues at the Humane Society of the United States The holidays are a very exciting time to gather with family and friends, everyone knows that. But does everyone know how to make the holidays safe and enjoyable for our pets? Lincoln Property Company wants to make sure your pets have as happy a holiday season as you do, so we asked for some tips from KC Theisen, Director of Pet Care Issues at The Humane Society of the United States. Should

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[Infographic] What Can $1500 in Rent Get You Across the US?

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Rental rates are on the move these days, but America’s most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods still provide plenty of housing “bang for the buck.” Rental prices have steadily climbed over the past several years and can represent a significant expense for many renters. That said, the idea that you can’t live where you want to is simply not the case. Even with rental rates on the rise these days, you can find luxurious and affordable options in one of several unique and exciting neighborhoods – but what exactly does $1500 get you across the US? View our newest infographic to

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Renters’ Rights: Your Landlord’s Responsibilities

Professional landlords know that their job doesn’t end once the monthly rent check is collected – read on to learn about the basic responsibilities charged to every quality landlord. Once the lease agreement has been signed, keys have been delivered, and you’ve moved in to your new apartment, townhome, or corporate housing unit, you may feel like the majority of the work is complete. If you are the renter – you’re largely correct. If you are the landlord, your job has truly just begun. Landlords have a responsibility to take care of their tenants by ensuring a clean, safe, and

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Lincoln VOX- The Power of Voting

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After All We’ve Been Through (Don’t Give Your Vote Away) Lincoln VOX // First Edition By LPC Guest Blogger Aaron Deese Leasing Professional at The Park at Monterey Oaks in Austin, TX   Vox: [voks] : noun – Latin – “Voice” Welcome to the first edition of Lincoln Vox! Over the next year, we’ll be examining a topic that gets a lot of attention from the media, A LOT of attention from politicians, but not nearly enough attention from us – voting. Since you were little, you’ve been told that “voting is important, every vote counts.” And some of us

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Renters: Know Your Rights

If you are renting your home, you have probably worried from time to time about your rights as a tenant. Can your landlord enter your home without permission or evict you without reason? In order to protect yourself from unscrupulous landlords, familiarize yourself with your rights. Paying Rent Renters sometime assume they have a short grace period after the due date to pay their rent, but legally payment is due on the date specified in your rental agreement. Unless otherwise specified in your lease, your landlord cannot raise your rent until the end of the lease period. Most states also

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Renters Rights: What You Need to Look For in a Lease

Finding the right apartment is a major decision. You must consider the location of your new home and how long it will take you to drive to work every day. The neighborhood and whether it’s the right fit for you and your family is another consideration. One thing you don’t want to overlook is the leasing contract you will sign. Keep in mind that before you finally sign a new lease and commit to an apartment, there are a few things you need to consider. First and foremost, make sure that the agreement you’re about to sign is actually the

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We’d all like to own our own homes and have free rein to remodel as we like. Unfortunately for us renters, we’re usually stuck with old carpeting, drab colors, and a lack of closet space. Renting can sometimes feel like living in a generic hotel room without maid service, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some simple steps you can take to make your rental unit feel like home without giving your landlord a heart attack: Spice up bland rooms with window treatments Vinyl blinds. They’re cheap, they’re boring, they’re blah—and they’re in practically every rental

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Summer Chick Flick Netflix Picks


Summer Chick Flick Netflix Picks Ok Netflix, you win. After appearing on my “you might like”, “top picks for Lauren”, “more like this” lists, I finally beat the heat by snuggling up in bed and wasting, I mean (cough), enriching my Sunday afternoons with an intense click flick extravaganza over the past couple of months. The titles all somewhat sound the same, and the plots are predictable (they are chick flicks, after all), but I finished each of them with feeling better than I had watched them for different reasons. I am not a critic, mind you (you’ll see), just

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