3 Fun Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

laughing with friends | ways to welcome new neighbors
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One of the best parts about living at a Lincoln property is the sense of community that surrounds you. Ample amenities, property events, and a welcoming feel make it easy to mingle with your neighbors. If you’re looking to expand your friend group and welcome new people into the mix, welcome new neighbors in a fun and special way. Here are a few ways to get acquainted with new residents.

Strike up a Conversation

talking with a friend | ways to welcome new neighbors

The first step to getting to know new people is to strike up a conversation! Whether you’re in the elevator, lounging on the rooftop, or hanging by the pool, take some time to introduce yourself and spark up a conversation. You may discover fun similarities, such as them owning a pet, loving to work out, or perhaps sharing the same favorite coffee shop as you.

Host a Dinner

Once you’ve become acquainted, host a small dinner party to welcome them to the community. You can invite fellow neighbors or perhaps close friends who live nearby. There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing people together. Dinner parties are the perfect setting for connecting with others in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Hit The Town!

dining with friends | ways to welcome new neighbors

One of the perks of befriending a neighbor is having a buddy to explore the neighborhood with. Therefore, order an Uber and head to a local restaurant, coffee shop, or entertainment destination that speaks to your interests. Whether you’re checking out a new bakery or heading to a yoga class in the park, it’s nice to have built-in companions to enjoy the area with.

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