3 Healthy Lunches That Won’t Leave You Feeling Tired 

two lunch bowls | energizing lunch recipes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While we all look forward to the lunch break, it’s common to feel tired after treating yourself to a midday meal. For those days when you don’t have time for a lunchtime nap, these meals will keep you energized as you make your way through your afternoon to-do list. 

Salmon Bowl 

close-up of a salmon bowl | energizing lunch recipes

Skip the traditional sandwich and treat yourself to a nourishing salmon bowl instead. This healthy meal is packed with protein and lets you customize it to add your favorite ingredients. The main components include rice, salmon, a sauce, and toppings of your choosing. We recommend cutting your salmon into cubes and cooking it in an air fryer. Then, adorn your bowl with sauces such as soy, teriyaki, or sriracha aioli. Now it’s time to move on to the fun part — toppings! Fresh vegetables, tropical fruit, and Asian seasonings pair beautifully with this dish. 

Açaí Bowl

person holding a spoonful of an acai bowl | energizing lunch recipes

Those with a sweet tooth will love digging into this healthy and decadent treat. We recommend buying açaí packets that you can easily throw into a blender. Combine the ingredients with a banana and some liquid depending on your desired consistency. Blend until smooth and then spread into a bowl. Then, top it with ingredients like coconut flakes, berries, chia seeds, or peanut butter. Don’t forget to take a picture to capture the vibrant colors of this dish. 

Chicken Caesar Wrap

a chicken wrap with vegetables | energizing lunch recipes

We love when you can turn a salad into a sandwich. This chicken Caesar wrap does the trick by incorporating the elements of a classic Caesar into a wrap. Combine grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, croutons, and crisp romaine lettuce into your wrap. For extra flavor, consider adding a squeeze of lemon or a sprinkling of Parmesan. Wrap it up tightly and enjoy! 

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