3 Plant Challenges For Renters With a Green Thumb

holding a plant
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Whether you’re the proud owner of a green thumb or that of brown plants, we have a challenge for you. Filling your apartment with plants is a great way to boost your mood, decorate your home, and bring the outside in.

To make things more interesting, we’re challenging you to think past adding one succulent to your space and embrace one of these plant challenges.

Ready, go!

Grow Your Pothos Vertically

Pothos is a tropical vine plant that is known for its deep green leaves that are typically used in hanging pots. They’re super easy to take care of due to their need for minimal light and ability to last for many days without water. In the wild, pothos can be invasive, but in your apartment it can thrive! Since pothos is so resilient, you can test its strength by having it grow upward. First, place a wooden rod carefully into the plant. Then, take a piece of string and gently tie a vine onto the rod so it is directed upward. From there, the plant will begin to grow in that direction. After some time, you can remove the rod and let it climb naturally up your wall.

Buy a Fruit Tree

Did you know you can grow a variety of fruit trees indoors? You don’t need acres of land to grow citrus or berries. All you need is a large pot, natural light, and a little dedication. This guide from House Plant Hobbyist provides all there is to know regarding starting your own mini orchard.

Propagate Your Plants For Gifts

potting a plant

Propagation is the act of snipping a vine off one plant to create another. Not only is this a great way to grow your collection but it also can be turned into a gift! This guide from Gardening Know How will help you get started. Once you’re done, write a card and give the plant to someone special in your life, just because!

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