3 Tips for Setting Up Your Work-from-Home Space

blowing on coffee while working in bed | tips on setting up a work-from-home space
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Whether you’re a work-from-home employee or have a side gig that has you spending hours at a desk, setting your surroundings up for success is an essential step toward boosting productivity. Here are a few ways to do just that in your Lincoln apartment.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair 

minimalist desk | tips on setting up a work-from-home space

One of the first things you can do is ensure your chair is ergonomic. When you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s likely you’ll get up out of your seat and become distracted by other things. By investing in a quality chair, you’ll be more inclined to stay seated and focused on your work. Additionally, take some time to assess what type of seating is right for you. Some people like to sink into a cushion while others prefer a firm seat. Take your time and head to an office supply store and try out different options to find a pick that is right for you.

Elevate Your Laptop 

monitor and laptop stand | tips on setting up a work-from-home space

Work can feel extra tiring when we feel we’ve been hunched over a laptop for hours. Elevating your computer is a great way to bring your gaze up along with your shoulders and back. We’re loving this ergonomic laptop stand from Etsy. Residents can also hook up their laptops to a large monitor or even use two for a wider display. Not only will you feel more energized as you work, but your desk will become more aesthetically pleasing.

Add Comfort Items to Your Space

a desk and computer | tips on setting up a work-from-home space

It’s important to remember that working can be a cozy experience. It’s no longer required to type away under a harsh fluorescent light in a cold cubicle. Nowadays, you can easily incorporate comforting personal items into your space. Common additions include a speaker to play calming music, a diffuser for essential oils, or scented candles for those late work hours. It can also be helpful to have a toy or object to fidget with when navigating complex work problems.

The best thing about a work-from-home environment is that you can make it entirely your own! If you’re looking for more tips on personalizing your LPC home, check out our blog. Or, if you’re on the hunt for a new apartment to conquer your workday from, reach out today.