3 Tips for Winter Plant Care

working in an apartment filled with plants
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Winter is a tricky time for plant owners in cold areas. While they are protected from the outdoor elements in your cozy Lincoln apartment, they aren’t immune to winter’s challenges.

However, there are steps to take to ensure your plants remain happy and healthy during the chilly season.

Cut Back on Water

watering plants indoors

Winter air may be dry, but that doesn’t mean your plant needs more hydration. In fact, it’s important to water your plants less in the winter. Plants grow at a slower rate and some remain dormant when it’s cold out. Therefore, they need less water to stay alive and too much can result in root rot. Research how much water your specific plant varietal needs in the winter. Some plants may need to be watered once a week while others, like succulents, can last a few months between waterings. As a general rule of thumb, poke your finger at least two inches into the soil to see if it’s dry. If so, it’s time to water.

Buy a Humidifier

a humidifier with a plant

Humidity levels drop during the winter months, which negatively affects most plants, especially tropical varietals. To add more moisture to the environment, consider purchasing a humidifier. If you don’t own a humidifier, there are other steps you can take such as spritzing your plant with water in a spray bottle. Another option is to place your plant on top of a tray of water. It’s important to not immerse the plant into the water. Instead, place pebbles in the tray, and then put the plant on top of the pebbles.

Increase Sunlight

There are fewer hours of sunlight in the winter. On top of that, sun rays come in at a lower angle. Therefore, relocate your plants to a part of your apartment that gets ample light. Preferably, choose a location that is south- or west-facing. Also, be sure to rotate your plants so all sides get ample light.

Skip the Fertilizer

plants in the winter

Since many plants hibernate during the winter, food is not on their agenda. In fact, adding fertilizer may upset their natural cycle so it’s better to hold off until spring.

The winter months may be challenging for our green friends, however with less water, more humidity, and increased sunlight, they’ll be in great shape come springtime. For more tips on caring for plants in your Lincoln apartment, click here.

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