3 Ways To Elevate Your Pool Area

pool at Melia Medical Center
Reading Time: 3 minutes

As temperatures rise and spring flowers continue to bloom, so do our cravings for barbecues, hangouts, and solo time by the pool. Summer may not be here yet, but it’s not far from our minds. Therefore, now is the time to start prepping our pool areas for a fun and eventful season! Rather than supplying the bare minimum of plastic chairs and concrete surroundings, jazz up your deck with some unique additions to keep it occupied all season long.

Here’s how:

Incorporate a Grill and Lounge Area

There’s nothing quite like working up an appetite in the water, only to satisfy it with a tasty burger straight from the grill. Turn an afternoon dip into a day-long affair by supplying a grill for entertaining! Residents are much more likely to utilize a community pool if wafting scents, delicious food, and an opportunity to socialize comes with it. Along with a grill, comfortable lounge seating and tables provide further incentives to stay a while. Plus, if moved back far enough, parents can safely watch their children in the pool while hanging with their friends in a comfortable setting.

Offer Other Amenities Nearby

friends playing bocce ball

For the residents who would prefer to stay on dry land, offer up other types of amenities nearby, so they can enjoy their separate interests without leaving the group on pool day. A bocce ball court or a putting green adjacent to the deck will excite the land animal in your group and those who are inclined will look forward to a refreshing dip after playing in the sun.

Host a Dive-In Movie Night

screen at a pool

Dive-In Movie Nights have swept the nation, offering swimmers and movie buffs the chance to combine their two favorite activities. Simply rent or buy a projection screen and a projector and screen a classic while residents relax poolside or in a comfortable floatie. For extra points, incorporate movie theater-style snacks, drinks, and 3-D glasses for extra cinematic flair.

Add Resort-Style Seating

The Core Scottsdale

While many people head to the pool for a dip, many more utilize this area as a place to kick back, relax, and soak up some sun. Therefore, investing in quality, plush seating will excite both current and potential residents. Along with long and reclining poolside seats, opt for cabanas to satisfy those who’d prefer to avoid the sun while they sink into plush seating. Properties like The Core Scottsdale offer the perfect balance of sunlit and shaded areas, so residents can escape to resort-style amenities just steps from their front door.

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