3 Ways To Get Creative With Pumpkin Carving

jack o lantern | unique pumpkin carving ideas
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Now that we’re deep into October, it’s time to start getting serious when it comes to celebrating the joys of fall. One of the first things on the agenda should be carving pumpkins! However, this year we’re switching things up and getting creative with our jack-o’-lanterns. Here are a few ways to jazz up your designs.

Adopt a Theme

picking seeds out of a pumpkin | unique pumpkin carving ideas

If you’re hosting a carving party with friends or family, consider a theme for the group. Not only will this make for a fun evening but the pumpkins will look extra festive when sitting next to each other. Themes can be your favorite horror film, funny pumpkins, witch imagery, or even spooktacular written words. To make the night even more interesting, you can host a contest on who did the best job capturing the theme. You can also make fun cocktails, snacks, and put up decor to celebrate the theme.

Make a Vase

pumpkin vase | unique pumpkin carving ideas

While jack-o’lanterns can serve as mood lighting, they can also be utilized for holding flowers. Simply carve out the pumpkin, fill it with water, and drop in your florals! You can also embrace the season with dried flowers and skip the water. Think eucalyptus, baby’s breath, and lavender for a stunning display that embraces different facets of the season.

Go Abstract

mother and son pumpkin carving | unique pumpkin carving ideas

If you’re not drawn to the scowl of a classic jack-o’-lantern, tap into your artistic side and create an abstract design. Whether you’re into swirling lines or are going for a more geometric pattern, these pumpkins should reflect your artistic side. Click here to find a few ideas to inspire your creativity.

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