3 Ways To Help Others While Social Distancing

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COVID-19 has posed its challenges. However, in the face of adversity comes an opportunity to help those around you. There have been a number of heartwarming headlines highlighting neighbors helping neighbors, small businesses providing needed resources, and acts of kindness far and wide. Altruism is in the air, proving at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

If you have the time and resources to lend a helping hand, here are a few ways you can do so while practicing social distancing.

Call Your Neighbors

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One of the best places to start is within your own community. If you know a neighbor who is elderly, immunocompromised, or unable to run errands, offer to pick up their groceries or essential items for them on your next outing. When dropping off their purchases, be sure to leave them outside their door instead of handing them off. If you don’t have the contact information for anyone who needs assistance, reach out to your community to see if there’s a public board where you can post a notice. Or, research a mutual aid network in your area where citizens collaborate and work together to assist the community.

Volunteer Virtually

In the wake of the crisis, groups have been coming up with innovative ways to volunteer without compromising the safety of participants. Dorot, a heartwarming service that connects people with older citizens, creates meaningful connections and vital friendships. Be My Eyes is a free app that connects participants to blind or low-vision users to help assist with daily tasks. From checking expiration dates on milk cartons to selecting the perfect pink shirt, the app helps you assist others with simple tasks, leaving a smile on everyone’s face.


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Not everyone is able to donate money at this time, but if you can, there are a variety of fantastic nonprofits you can support. Feeding America is a network of over 200 foodbanks spread all over the United States that have provided food for over 46 million people. To support medical communities far and wide, donate to the COVID-19 Solitary Response Fund. Created by the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, this fund supports the World Health Organization in providing assistance to at-risk countries.

If you’re looking for other ways to support your community, check out Lincoln Charities. Our nonprofit aims to help Lincoln employees in times of need through the generosity of fellow employees, vendors, and business partners. Call today to learn more!