A Lincoln Guide To Working From Home

working from home in an apartment
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Now more than ever, employees are swapping out morning commutes for strolls to their desks and trading in Starbucks’ lines for homemade French press. The work from home era is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited.

There is a bounty of benefits when it comes to working from home, especially when that home is a stylish Lincoln apartment. Residents can tackle their to-do list in a space customized for them surrounded by daily comforts.

While we love the pros, it’s important to remain mindful of the cons. It’s easier to lose focus when surrounded by the things you love and with the absence of watchful coworkers and supervisors. Therefore, we’ve rounded up some tips for staying productive when working from the happiest place on earth — your apartment!

Get Out of Bed!

waking up

The most common mistake when working from home is setting up shop in bed. While it may be the coziest seat in the home, it’s not conducive to staying focused and may even result in poorer quality of sleep later. Sleep and work are on opposite sides of a spectrum and therefore should not interlap. If you’re reminded of work when sleeping or feel the need to doze off while working, a change of scenery may be in order.

Set Up Your Office

work from home desk

Whether you’re blessed with a designated room or blessed with a corner of your home that fits a desk — it’s important to designate these areas as work areas. Therefore, remove any distractions such as personal mail, books, magazine, or anything else that will redirect your focus. Afterward, stock up on essentials and keep them within arms reach. You may have a pair of scissors in your kitchen, but when you get up to retrieve them you may disrupt your productivity flow. If possible, we also recommend arranging your desk so that you’re facing a window. Natural light will keep you awake and less stir-crazy.

Take a Break to Move

stretching in the park

While there are benefits to not having to travel to work, walk to meetings, or attend daily events and talks, there are also cons to sitting in the same spot all day. A sedentary position may leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and uninspired. Plus, a lack of face-to-face contact may have the same effect! Therefore, make time to get up and get moving or socializing. Schedule a fitness class with a work from home buddy during your lunch break, take a walk with your dog, or head to one of your community amenities and mingle with neighbors! This midday treat will provide the energy boost you need to finish out the day strong.

Are you looking for the perfect apartment where you can work from home? Contact the team at Lincoln today and we would be happy to arrange a tour at a community near you.