Food, Fun, and Friends: Resident Event Ideas for Your Apartment Community

outdoor movie screening
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Neighborly bonding is the cornerstone of a good community. As property managers, it is also a great way to ensure residents find value outside the walls of their apartment. The community relies on feelings of familiarity, safety, and security, and hosting events can help your property thrive. Not only do events give residents an added amenity, offering something new to do within their apartment community, but they also foster a sense of belonging and friendship, as neighbors and residents get the chance to become more familiar with one another.

Below, we’ve developed a list of different ideas for resident events. Take a look, and let us know which resident events have been a success at your community!

Make A Meal of It

breakfast buffet

One of the easiest ways to encourage apartment dwellers to join in on resident events is to offer food. Be it breakfast, lunch, a community cookout, or just some small snacks, food can go a long way in uniting a community.


Try energizing the apartment community by offering a complimentary breakfast to get your residents to start their morning right. From a Waffle Wednesday to a breakfast buffet to go, residents will feel valued and get the opportunity to grab a meal that many busy people feel forced to skip. This is often a cost-effective way to reach out to residents as they start their day, fostering dialogue between neighbors about work, everyday commutes, and common concerns. From breakfast burritos to cereal or waffles, breakfast can be an incredibly cost effective way to build bonds within your apartment community.

Snacks and Spirits

If breakfast is too early for some residents, don’t feel as if you have to break the bank for a big dinner. Small snacks are a great way to offer a perk that brings people out of their apartment and gives the community as a whole something extra that they can look forward to. Try a Nacho Night complete with chips and cheese and a nacho bar full of fixings. This is an incredibly cost-effective way to nurture community and get new neighbors to become better friends.

Outside of snacks, try a Wine Down Wednesday. Similar to a happy hour, use this as a chance to to offer tastes of local wines, or even invite residents to bring their own. 

Host a Movie Night

movie night

Invite your residents to a cozy evening with blankets, snacks, and the latest Blockbuster hit! A movie night will beckon residents with its casual feel. You can invest in or rent a projector and a screen for a true cinematic feel. Opt for classic snacks like popcorn, candy, and artisanal soda and stock up on blankets and pillows. We recommend putting out snacks and drinks an hour before the movie so guests will feel inspired to mingle before the screening starts. Afterward, your resident cinephiles can chat about the film or even pick the next one together.

Explore the Outdoors

walking a dog on a trail

Host events outside to help pull quiet residents away from their apartments and into the great outdoors. From pool parties to puppy play dates, there are plenty of ways for property managers to foster events outside. For properties with dog parks, encourage residents to communally use the dog park so that pets can play together. As your community’s pets become pals, residents are likely to recognize the value in giving their dog the chance to play with other animals. This also gives residents the opportunity to bond over the passion and purpose that comes with having a pet.

Try hosting a community garage sale for residents, and even those just outside the community. This will give residents a chance to make the most of spring cleaning, and facilitate the chance to share stories about trinkets and possessions all while making an extra buck or two. Get people chatting about shared interests and reaching out to neighbors they may not have known have similar tastes.

What are some resident events that your community has tried? For more ideas about resident events, or to see some of the great communities within our portfolio, contact us today.