Apply For Your Next Apartment Online!

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Everything is online. You can buy almost anything, research everything and waste hours finding nothing. The world is at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and so are we. Not only can you search for an efficiency apartment in Chicago, a two-bedroom townhome in Dallas or a feng shui studio in L.A., you can now apply for those exact same apartments. Online. Right now. In your pajamas. Or at least you’ll be able to by 2012.

Lincoln Property Company is now offering future residents of Alta at K Station in Chicago the ability to apply for an apartment home online and pay all required fees and deposits at the same time. This is the first LPC-managed community to feature this new program; the remaining LPC communities are set to follow suit within the coming months. After the initial launch of online applications, each community is anticipated to begin actual online lease executions. After you’ve been approved for your new one-bedroom with washer/dryer connections and hardwood floors, you’ll be able to digitally sign your lease. The only thing you’ll have to make a personal appearance for is, well, to move-in.