Austin Apartments: In Which Neighborhood Should You Rent?

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If you’re looking for a great apartment in Austin or Houston, there are several neighborhoods available in both cities, each with different locations, qualities and atmospheres. The best way to choose is to look into the different neighborhoods to see which one would work best for you.

Neighborhoods in the Austin Area

Some of the neighborhoods in the Austin area include: Hancock, Eastwood and Shoal Crest. Austin apartments in these areas are often focused on student housing to to their proximity to the University of Texas. If you’re looking for an apartment for a university student or just want to live in an area with college flavor, these neighborhoods would be a good place to look.

Hyde Park and Shadow Lawn Historic District. Located just north of downtown Austin, Hyde Park is considered Austin’s first suburb. It was developed in 1891 and has since become one of the most densely populated areas of Austin. In 1990, both Hyde Park and the adjacent Shadow Lawn Historic District were both added to the National Register of Historic Places. If you like the idea of a bustling area with a fascinating history, Austin apartments in these neighborhoods might be right for you.

Central Austin Areas. Neighborhoods in Central Austin include Old Austin and Judge’s Hall. Central Austin houses a variety of businesses as well as government buildings. If you plan to work in this area or wish to live near the city center, Austin apartments here would be a good choice.

300 North Lamar | Austin, TX
300 North Lamar | Austin, TX

Neighborhoods in the Houston Area

For Houston apartments, consider the advantages of these neighborhoods:

Highland Village. Built in the 1950s, Highland Village also hosts buildings built more recently. The neighborhood features a variety of shopping and restaurants and a comfortable, suburban feel. Houston apartments in this neighborhood usually offer a variety of modern amenities including easily accessible laundry rooms and swimming pools for residents.

Southside Place. This area’s fascinating history includes its original development in the nineteenth century, which was interrupted when Mexico achieved independence. It was opened as a subdivision in 1924 and has become an upscale neighborhood for Houston apartments.

Afton Oaks. This is one of the most affluent and in-demand areas of Houston. Lofts here are comparable in quality to those in the Houston Inner Loop but tend to be larger.

Fountains at Memorial City | Houston, TX
Fountains at Memorial City | Houston, TX

With some research and investigation, you’re sure to find just the right apartment in just the right neighborhood in Austin or Houston.