Best Apartment Amenities | Infographic

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Now that more Americans have chosen to rent an apartment instead of buying a home, property managers have added an increasing array of desirable amenities to their rental units – all to attract potential residents. The competition has turned up the volume on resident demands for options and services that truly fit their modern lifestyle. Advertising a “sparkling pool” and “covered parking” is just so…1998?

Today, renters increasingly demand that apartments are plugged in, green, and friendly for Fido. Apartment communities have obliged. Now, blazing fast Internet connections, green living, spaces for Spot and Fluffy, and community areas that reflect real living, have become standard amenities in many neighborhoods for young, tuned-in professionals.

Online resident portals for making rental payments and submitting maintenance requests and follow-ups with management have become the top items renters want. Communities that welcome pets rank well and benefit by having nearby dog parks, services to schedule dog walks and an ample supply of doggie bag dispensers and trash bins. Your four-legged furry friend is family, and property managers tend to acknowledge this now. In addition, renters are demanding a commitment to green living with recycling bins, electric car chargers, rainwater collectors, low flow showerheads and toilets, composters and much more.

Are there any amenities you might be willing to pay for instead of expecting as part of the rent? Apparently so, as premium parking spaces now make it into the top ten most desirable features.

Since adding spas, fitness rooms or rooftop lounges makes no economic sense for homeowners, renters benefit by having access to the luxury amenities that are now de rigueur.