Boston Boasts a Bevy of Benefits

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It’s not easy to choose a new home. Even if you have a general area of the country picked out, like New England for example, you still have a wide range of choices in cities both large and small. Ultimately, you have to decide what type of city is right for you. If a large town where you can experience history but also keep up with the latest trends sounds ideal to you, then you should probably choose Boston as your new place of residence.

Take the Old with the New

Boston is often thought of as a historical city, and that isn’t inaccurate. After all, many of the most famous events of America’s Revolutionary War occurred in this very city, and there’s plenty to learn about the past here. The Freedom Trail will lead visitors and locals alike through some of the highlights, but it hardly hits every historical point in the city that has been around since before America was even a nation. History buffs will find plenty to love in Boston.

However, just because it has plenty of history doesn’t mean Boston is stuck in the past. Boston is actually the youngest big city in terms of population. This is due to the many colleges in the area and the vast population of college students. Along with that comes the businesses that cater to the interests and needs of the younger set, meaning that Boston is full of technological innovation and fashionable trends. Far from being at odds with the history of the town, the modern aspects, easily accessible from many of the apartments in the city, give a real sense of the time that has passed. Boston may be historical, but it’s still definitely a living city.

West Square Boston
West Square Boston

Live Healthier

Boston is also a very healthy city for its residents and visitors alike. Visitors can enjoy the local cuisine and know that it’s produced and made locally. Fresh foods are simply better for you, and Boston, while large, is still small enough to be surrounded by plenty of farmland. Of course, the ocean is a source for many of the ingredients as well!

However, as with any city, there’s a lot to be gained from Boston that only the residents get to take advantage of. On a basic level, tourists are not going to get nearly as many health benefits from the parks as residents who can visit them regularly will. However, there’s a much bigger factor in play for the health of Boston residents, and that’s the availability of health insurance. Only four percent of the population of the entire state of Massachusetts is without health insurance. State laws have made it easy to access. Not only does it help when you as an individual can get health insurance, but the fact that others around you can get care makes it less likely that you’ll get sick from the spread of germs.