Cost-Effective Ways To Decorate a Living Room

lounging in a living room
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Make your Lincoln living room extra inviting by incorporating some new design elements! There are a wide variety of ways to elevate your decor without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips that will enliven your space on a budget.

Get Thrifting

couch | affordable ways to decorate a living room

It’s no secret that living room furniture can be expensive. New couches, coffee tables, and entertainment centers can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are many secondhand options that are cost-effective and sustainable purchases. Check out Facebook Marketplace to find people in your area who are selling their items. Or, head to a nearby thrift store to check out their furniture options. Also, keep in mind many secondhand pieces can be updated to suit your style. If you’re feeling creative, consider painting a coffee table or even reupholstering a couch.

Color Code a Bookcase

reading a book on the couch | affordable ways to decorate a living room

Calling all book lovers! Did you know you can repurpose your literary collection and turn it into decor? Simply collect all of your books and color code them on your bookshelf. To add extra flair, arrange knick-knacks as bookends or stack a few books to serve as a base for a fancy vase or statement piece.

Create Your Own Artwork

Instead of splurging on expensive art, consider creating art or sourcing cheap prints to frame. It’s surprisingly easy to create your own abstract masterpiece and you have the ability to customize it and use whatever colors you please. If you’re not handy with a paintbrush, find one of your favorite prints on sites like Etsy. Many sellers list affordable options that reflect a variety of tastes.

After you finish decorating the living room, tackle the bathroom! Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

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