Daylight Savings is Here! How to Make the Most of Extra Sunshine

sunset behind tall grass | daylight savings activities
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The clocks are jumping forward which means we now have one extra hour to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. If you’re looking to enjoy longer days, there are a variety of activities that will help you usher in the season. Whether you’re taking advantage of outdoor amenities or are exploring nearby trails, these activities will help you welcome the sunshine.

Host a Community Gathering Outside

meat on a grill | daylight savings activities

If the weather permits, now is a great time to gather friends and neighbors in an outdoor common area. Many Lincoln communities feature grill and picnic areas, resort-inspired pools, and fire pits that serve as perfect gathering spots. Now that the sunshine is extending after work hours, it will be easy to arrange an event that people can attend. Consider grilling for a dinner party, hosting a cocktail mixer by the pool, or arranging a poetry reading by the fire.

Take Your Fitness Outside

holding a yoga mat outside | daylight savings activities

Skip the treadmill and head to a community green space to conquer your fitness routine. All you need is a yoga mat and you can do Pilates, strength training, or HIIT workouts in a scenic area. If your community has a sports court, enjoy an evening game of tennis or basketball with neighbors. If you would like to do a group class outside, see if people in your community would like to pitch in to hire an instructor for the day.

Go on a Sunset Hike

group posing on a sunset hike | daylight savings activities

Longer days make it easier to take advantage of local scenery. Grab some friends and head to a nearby trail to enjoy an evening hike. You could arrange a group trip to your apartment community and organize a carpool to your destination. Afterward, treat yourself to a delicious meal on the patio of a local restaurant.

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